words and music by James Taylor.

A song dedicated to P. and inspired by the THIN LIZZY song DEDICATION.

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In January of 1991 on a lonely drive home from the big city, the radio announcer told me that they would be playing a new song by Thin Lizzy in the next half hour, a world premiere they called it...the promo copy had just arrived in the station moments before.

The song turned out to be Dedication and when I heard it, it sent a chill up and down my spine, profoundly affecting me! I mean, here was Philip Lynott, who had DIED 5 years earlier, singing about the soldiers on the front line just hours after the beginning of the IRAQ war ... which had the potential to be the beginning of World War III (but thankfully didn't, as it turned out). The song Thoughts, which I wrote not long afterwards, reflects some of that impact.