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ROSALIE Trombley



Rosalie Trombley with Bob Seger

The song "ROSALIE" was written and recorded by BOB SEGER in 1972 and later covered by THIN LIZZY with their classic version.

The song was about Rosalie Trombley (born circa 1939),
a Canadian former music director of AM Top 40 radio station CKLW in Windsor Ontario.

Seger wrote about Trombley in his 1973 song "Rosalie" from his Back in '72 album ("She's got the tower, she's got the power / Rosalie")

Roslie Trombley


Beginning May the 7th, 2014, each year a committee of women in radio call out nominations for the "Rosalie Award", honouring women who have made their mark in radio broadcasting.

This prestigious award is named after Rosalie Trombley, music director of the Big 8 CKLW in Windsor from 1968 -1984.

During that time she became known for picking the hits and creating music programming that appealed to a broad audience.

Roslie Trombley with Paul McCartney

In addition to a ratings success, Rosalie is credited with launching the careers of many performers including Elton John, Alice Cooper, The Guess Who, Gordon Lightfoot, Blood Sweat and Tears, Chicago, Aerosmith and Bob Seger.

In fact, Bob Seger wrote a song about this inspirational woman, called simply "Rosalie".


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