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Who Is .. ?

This page is an attempt to answer the question

WHO IS ... ?

for some of those names that keep popping up in the PHILIP LYNOTT story ...

those talented people with whom PHILIP worked, both inside and outside of THIN LIZZY.

Laurence Archer


Baby Face

Blue Russia

Douglas Brockie

Alan Byrne

Alex Call


on the right JOHN CANN?

See also Robin's comments

Roddie Cleere

An incurable Philip Lynott/Thin Lizzy fan

Huey Lewis & Clover

There has been some mis-information in circulation concerning the PHIL LYNOTT and HUEY LEWIS and the NEWS recording session from 1985.

Elmer Fudd (aka Fudd)

BP Fallon

Irish DJ, author, photographer, and musician. Check out his connection with ARTHUR LEE and LOVE . . . BP Fallon 

Jim Fitzpatrick

Jim Fitzpatrick is an Irish artist. He is best known for elaborately detailed work inspired by the Irish Celtic tradition.

Dave Flett

Former THIN LIZZY guitarist

Funky Junction

Andy Gee

With Ellis Group

Interview - Andy Gee

Check out JT's interview with Andy Gee

Robin George

Check out JT's interview with Robin George

Huey Lewis

Check out JT's interview with Huey Lewis

Arthur Lee

Long Live Arthur Lee

March 7th 1945 -- August 3rd 2006

Jimmy the Weed

Steve Johnson

click here to visit site

Mark Knopfler

Dire Straits

The Lookalikes

Sean O'Connor with Phil Lynott

Chris P Mansbridge

Tawn Mastrey

Tim McStay

The Resistors

Frankie Miller

Dancing in the Rain

Frankie Miller

Still In Love With You

John Norum

Sean O'Connor

Radiators From Space

Ireland's first Punk Rock band

Rosalie Trombley with Bob Seger

Rosalie Trombley

Inspiration for Bob Seger's song Roslie

Jerome Rimson

Tony St Ledger

Brush Shiels

Brush Shiels

Jackson Spires with The Southern Rock Allstars and friends

Jackson Spires

Ex Blackfoot
JT's Exclusive interview with Jakson Spires and the Southern Rock Allstarts


Midge Ure

Eric Wrixton

Chris Tangarides Thin Lizzy

Chris Tsangarides


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Philip Lynott and Thin Lizzy 

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While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, it is provided "as is" for your information only.