Don't Be A Dummy (Johnny Du Cann)

Former Thin Lizzy guitarist (1974)

Johnny Du Cann (aka John Cann)

UK Vertigo Records 6059 241

7 inch vinyl with picture sleeve released in 1979


Don't Be A Dummy


If I'm Makin'


*** Special Note ***

This record was produced by Francis Rossi of STATUS QUO (Pictures Of Matchstick Men)

In 1970 Vincent Crane formed ATOMIC ROOSTER with Carl Palmer. Their first European release was Atomic Ro-O-oster. Palmer quit the following year to form ELP (EMERSON LAKE and PALMER). In 1971 John DuCann joined ATOMIC ROOSTER and added guitar to the US release of their Atomic Ro-O-oster album.

In 1972 John DuCann and Paul Hammond left Atomic Rooster to form HARD STUFF with Johnny Gustaveston.

See Robin's comments and Germany 1974 for some info on John's short time with THIN LIZZY in 1974.

In 1975 Vincent put Atomic Rooster on hold while pursuing other projects.

1980 saw the reformation of ATOMIC ROOSTER with Vincent and John DuCann working together again. But by 1981 John was AWOL and missed playing the Reading Festival with the band. He had apparently decided to retire. In 1984 Atomic Rooster was disbanded, never to reform again.

Vincent passed away on Valentine's Day 1989 after an illustrious career with the likes of Crazy World of Arthur Brown (FIRE), Carl Palmer (before ELP), Rory Gallagher and Dave Gilmour (PINK FLOYD) to name a few.

Since that time, Paul Hammond too has died. In fact, of the "Death Walks Behind You" line-up of ATOMIC ROOSTER, only John DuCann remains.

For more information on check out these comments from Robin Edmondson


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