Songs for While I am Away

Director Emer Reynolds on Phil Lynott - Songs For While I'm Away: "We wanted to look at the artist behind the rock star, and the man behind the artist, and to tell the story of his life”

We share the excellent Hot Press interview with Film Director Emer Reynolds.

It was more than four years ago, when the Thin Lizzy grapevine began buzzing with rumours that a documentary was being planned about the life and music of the great Dublin rock hero, Philip Lynott. In insider circles the news that the award-winning maker of The Farthest, Emer Reynolds, had taken up the baton as director was warmly greeted: she would bring an affectionate, poetic touch to the story. Having been delayed by the onset of Covid-19, the film is finally set for December release. Fans of the man can relax: it is a powerful and loving portrait of Ireland’s ultimate rock star.

Kit Woolven Sadly Passes Away

One of the leading UK engineers and producers of his time, Kit Woolven worked on key albums with David Bowie, David Giilmour, Hazel O'Connor and The Radiators From Space as well as a host of metal acts – including, of course, the great Irish rockers Thin Lizzy and Philip Lynott. No wonder his death is being widely mourned by rock fans today

is sad to learn tonight of the death of Thin Lizzy engineer and producer Kit Woolven. Kit was a close associate of the late, great Philip Lynott, lead singer and driving force in Thin Lizzy.

Kit Woolven was credited with engineering the Thin Lizzy album Black Rose: A Rock Legend (1979), which peaked at No.2 in the UK charts, as well as delivering a Top 10 hit in Sweden. He went on to produce, engineer and mix subsequent Lizzy albums, including Chinatown (No.7 in the UK), Adventures of Thin Lizzy (a collection of their singles that reached No.6 in the UK) and Thin Lizzy Live.

In the meantime, Woolven had worked closely with Philip Lynott on his solo releases, accumulating Producer, Engineer and Mixer credits on both Solo In Soho and the Philip Lynott albums.

Kit was regarded as one of the great engineers of the 70s and ‘80s, also working on major albums by David Bowie (Scary Monsters and Super Creeps, 1980), David Gilmour (About Face, 1984) and Magnum (On A Storyteller’s Night, 1985). He also worked as an engineer on one of the immortal Irish albums, Ghostown (1979), by The Radiators from Space, with Tony Visconti as producer.

Kit clearly lent in a metal direction, working also with many of the leading lights of British and international heavy metal, including UFO, Tony Iommi, Cradle of Filth, Chrome Molly, The Guana Batz, Cathedral and Anathema.

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On this day in 1977: Thin Lizzy released Bad Reputation

Bad Reputation
Thin Lizzy Bad Reputation

44 years ago today, Thin Lizzy released their eighth studio album, Bad Reputation. To mark the occasion, we're revisiting Niall Stokes' classic 1978 interview with the band...

Searchlight On The Future. View From The Rear: Brian Downey. Occasional Angles: Phil Lynott. In the middle: Niall Stokes.

On the surface, it might seem that Thin Lizzy could have their eyes and hearts and minds on only one thing – the present. For a start they've just delivered what's commonly regarded as their definitive recorded statement in the brilliant Live And Dangerous double album set. Not only that, but the critical acclaim which greeted the work has been more than borne out by the immediate and, so far, sustained commercial success it's achieved.

Anniversary of Gary Moores Passing

Muched loved former member of Thin Lizzy died on this day back in 2011

The late, great Gary Moore (sadly he passed away in 2011 much too young at 58) is probably Northern Ireland’s most legendary guitar slinger son. Make that definitely. Born a Belfast boy in 1952 he became something of a musical prodigy, playing a mean axe from the age of 14 on. His career flourished locally since he was a childhood friend of Phil Lynott and Brian Downey and his apprenticeship served he delighted audiences with his flamboyant style and immaculate taste in Skid Row and Thin Lizzy.


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