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featuring: John Sykes and Scott Gorham
Randy Gregg (bass) and Michael Lee (drums)
August 21st, 2004
at Molson Ampitheatre
Ontario Place, Toronto

Also on the bill: Joe Satriani

JT's thoughts

I know that a band touring under the name THIN LIZZY without Philip being a part of it bothers some people a lot. My thought is that this band is very much into promoting Philip's music and his memory, and in the process exposing it to whole new generations of people. I know just from the makeup of the crowd at this concert that Philip's music is still alive and well. I saw kids at this concert who were probably not even born when Philip left us, and I saw people old enough to be great grandparents, and every age in between. I saw people of many races and cultures and all genders. And despite DEEP PURPLE being the headline act, there were Philip Lynott and Thin Lizzy T-shirts being worn everywhere.

For me, John and Scott, with the help of Michael Lee and Randy Gregg, did an exellent job of capturing the spirit of the music and of helping to keep Philip's memory alive.

And the set ended with a standing ovation, which says it all.

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