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Australia 78

Australia '78 (video) - Gary Moore and THIN LIZZY

Gary Moore with Thin Lizzy


Cello Video Inc (c) 1989

Australia Live '78


Bad Reputation

Cowboy Song

The Boys Are Back In Town

Waiting For An Alibi

Are You Ready

Baby Drives Me Crazy

The Band:

Phil Lynott: Vocal & bass guitar

Gary Moore: Lead Guitar

Scott Gorham: Lead Guitar

Mark Nauseef: Drums


Filmed by Australian national TV, for a broadcast.

Originally released in VERY limited edition, in very few countries.

Subsequently "Licenced exclusively to: Cello Video Inc".

See also The Boys Are Back In Town video,

and companion audio CD The Boys Are Back In Town, which have one extra track.

See also the compilation CD Thin Lizzy/Grand Slam


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