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Dedication: The Very Best of...

"DEDICATION: the Very Best of Thin Lizzy"

the EUROPEAN version....

....VERY different song selection

from the North American release

Phonogram Ltd (London) -- (c) 1991

1. Whisky In The Jar

2. The Rocker (short version)

3. Jailbreak

4. The Boys Are Back In Town

5. Don't Believe A Word

6. Bad Reputation

7. Dancin' In The Moonlight

8. Rosalie/Cowgirl Song (live)

9. Still In Love With You (live)

10. Emerald (live)

11. Waiting For An Alibi

12. Do Anything You Want To

13. Sarah

14. Parisienne Walkways (w/Gary Moore)

15. Chinatown

16. Killer On The Loose

17. Out In The Fields (w/Gary Moore)

18. DEDICATION (see note below)

For more information about the title track DEDICATION be sure to visit my History of... page.


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