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Chicago Live April 16th 1976 -- THIN LIZZY

The Irish Dawn

Live in Chicago April 16th, 1976

at the Riviera Theater

Poetry In Motion

Poet 9201

Made in Italy

Jailbreak (Lynott) 4:26

The Boys Are Back In Town (Lynott) 5:11

Emerald (Gorham/Robertson/Downey/Lynott) 3:44

It's Only Money (Lynott) 3:15

Blues Boy (Lynott/Robertson) 4:02

Warrior (Lynott/Gorham) 3:57

Rosalie (Bob Seger) 4:55

Suicide(Lynott) 4:46

Angel From The Coast (Lynott/Robertson) 2:57

Sha-La-La (Lynott/Downey) 6:42

Baby Drives Me Crazy (Lynott/Gorham/Downey/Robertson) 7:33

The Rocker (Lynott/Downey/Eric Bell) 3:36

The Band:

Phil Lynott: bass & vocals

Scott Gorham: guitar

Brian Robertson: guitar

Brian Downey: drums

*** Special Note ***

From the same concert as Warriors On The Loose and Jailbreak In Dimension 5.

These tracks have also been circulating under the incorrect name Los Angeles 1976


While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, it is provided "as is" for your information only.