More Peel Sessions - THIN LIZZY

More Peel Sessions

BBC broadcasts: 1972-1977

Bondage Music --- BON129

Black Boys On The Corner - 11.14.72

Gonna Creep Up On You - 7.31.73

Little Girl In Bloom - 2.25.74

Little Darling - 2.25.74

Showdown - 2.25.74

It's Only Money - 4.4.74

Black Boys On The Corner - 4.4.74

Sha La La - 10.4.74

Philomena - 10.4.74

Halfcaste - 5.29.75

Emerald - 2.12.76 --- cover says Warriors

Johnny - 9.23.76

Fools Gold - 9.23.76

Downtown Sundown - 8.1.77


Thin Lizzy is said to have recorded 43 individual recordings, featuring 41 different songs, with two tracks recorded twice, for the Stuart Henry radio programme.

This version of Emerald, as well as more Peel Session tracks can also be found on The Peel Sessions CD, as well as disk two of Sha La Live.

The following tracks also from these sessions have until recently remained unreleased:

Warriors (09-23-76 John Peel session)

Slow Blues (Bob Harris session 73-08-29)

Randoplh's Tango (Bob Harris session 73-08-29)

Little Girl In Bloom (Bob Harris session 73-08-29)

She Knows (Peel Session 74-10-23)

It's Only Money (Peel Session 74-10-23)

Banshee (Harris Session 74-10-03)

Philomena (Harris Session 74-10-03)

Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed (Peel Session 76-09-23)

Most of these appear on Tracks From The Vaults - More John Peel Sessions



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