Vagabonds Of...  2-disk re-issue

Vagabonds of the Western World (Remastered 2-CD re-issue 2008) - THIN LIZZY

Vagabonds of the Western World

This remastered and expanded 2-disk re-issue released March 2008

and again in October 2010

Label: Universal Music

See also: original release April 1973

Recorded: A.I.R Studios, London, April 1973

See also: German re-issue 1991, with 4 bonus tracks.



(Original Album tracks 1-8):

Mama Nature Said (Lynott) 4:52

The Hero And The Madman (Lynott) 6:08

Slow Blues (Lynott/Downey) 5:14

The Rocker (Lynott/Downey/Bell) 5:12

Vagabond of the Western World (Lynott) 4:44

Little Girl In Bloom (Lynott) 5:12

Gonna Creep Up On You (Lynott/Bell) 3:27

A Song For While I'm Away (Lynott) 5:10



Randolph's Tango (Lynott) A-side 3:49

Broken Dreams (Bell/Downey/Lynott) B-side 4:26

The Rocker (single edit) A-side 2:41

Here I Go Again B-side 3:51

Crusing In The Lizzy Mobile (German single) B-side 4:07

Little Darling A-side 2:55

Sitamoia 3:20

Slow Blues - 1977 Overdubbed & Remixed :01

Randolph's Tango (radio promo edit) 2:25

Whisky In The Jar (radio promo edit) 3:43

Tracks 16-18 previously unreleased on CD




The Rocker - Live 5:53

Things Ain't Working Out Down On The Farm - Live 7:32

Slow Blues - Live 7:29

I'm Gonna Creep Up On You - Live 3:27

Suicide - Live 4:28

Vagabonds of the Western World - John Peel session 4:27

Gonna Creep Up On You - John Peel session 3:22

Little Girl In Bloom -One "Rock On" session 4:41

Sitamoia - Bob Harris session 3:45

Little Darling - Radio Bob Harris session 3:05

Slow Blues - Radio Bob Harris session 5:31

Showdown - Radio Bob Harris session 4:40

Black Boys On The Corner 4:12


The Band:

Philip Lynott: bass guitar, vocals

Eric Bell: guitars, vocals

Brian Downey: percussion



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