Grinding Stone

Grinding Stone - GARRY MOORE plus SKID ROW




Released on the HEAD label as a CD-R

1. Grinding Stone

2. Time To Heal

3. Sail Across The Mountain

4. The Energy Dance

5. Spirit

6. Boogie My Way Back Home

7. Mad Dog Woman **

8. An Awful Lot Of Woman **

9. For Those Who Do **

10. Night Of The Warm Witch ***

11. Mr. Deluxe ***

12. After I'm Gone ****

Special Notes:

Tracks 1 to 6:

Grinding Stone LP from 1973

** Tracks 7 to 9:

Skid Row LP 1970 (USA ONLY)

*** Tracks 10 and 11:

Skid Row UK single 1970

**** Track 12:

Skid Row TOP GEAR, BBC July 21st, 1970

There is apparently also a pirated copy of this CD-R in circulation.


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