Master Series - THIN LIZZY



844 873-2 Deram, a Polygram Company © 1998

Digitally Remastered

The Rocker (Lynott/Downey/Bell) - edited single version

Whiskey In The Jar (traditional) - promotional edited version

Look What The Wind Blew In (Lynott)

Randolph's Tango (Lynott)

Sarah (Lynott) - version 1

Things Ain't Working Out Down At The Farm (Lynott) - version 1

Here I Go Again (Lynott)

Vagabond Of The Western World (Lynott)

Buffalo Gal (Lynott)

Honesty Is No Excuse (Lynott)

Black Boys On The Corner (Lynott)

Dublin (Lynott)

Little Darling (Lynott)

Brought Down (Lynott)

Remembering Part 1 (Lynott)

Broken Dreams (Bell/Downey/Lynott)

Chatting Today (Lynott)

Little Girl In Bloom (Lynott)

Special Notes:

This collection brings together some of their earliest hits, along with

a number of tracks not readily available elsewhere.


While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, it is provided "as is" for your information only.