War of the Worlds

Jeff Wayne's - The War Of The Worlds featuring Philip Lynott

Jeff Wayne's Musical version of...


This Special Presentation Edition includes bonus remixes.

Originally released in 1978, for this 1995 2-CD set re-issue Sony uses the SBM Super Bit Mapping process on this classic album to give the listener the ultimate playback.

Featuring: (in alphabetical order)

Richard Burton

Julie Covington

David Essex

Justin Hayward (ex-Moody Blues)

Philip Lynott (Thin Lizzy)

Jo Partridge

Chris Thompson (ex-Manfred Mann's Earth Band)

Track listing for the 1995 2-CD set re-issue

Sony/Columbia CDX96000 - disks 1 and 2



The Eve Of The War

Horsell Common and the Heat Ray

The Artilleryman and the Fighting Machine

Forever Autumn

Thunder Child



The Red Weed (part 1)

The Spirit of Man - vocal by Philip and Julie

The Red Weed (part 2)

Brave New World

Dead London

Epilogue (part 1)

Epilogue (part 2) NASA


bonus remix tracks

The Spirit of Man (dubulladub) -- dedicated to Philip Lynott

Dark Autumn dub

Forever Autumn (remix 95)

Epilogue (part 2) / The Eve of the War (remix 95)


Special Note:

See also: the 2005 deluxe 5-CD DELUXE re-issue!!!

with 3 bonus discs of outakes and unreleased tracks.


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