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Jailbreak In Lyon [1982] - THIN LIZZY



Lyon, France

March 2nd, 1982


01. Waiting For An Alibi (Cut in)

02. Jailbreak

03. Got To Give It Up

04. Don't Believe A Word (both versions)

05. The Pressure Will Blow

06. Killer On The Loose

07. Suicide

08. The Cowboy Song

09. The Boys Are Back In Town

10. Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)

11. Bad Reputation [+Drums Solo]

12. Baby Drives Me Crazy

13. Rosalie



Philip Lynott: Bass & Lead Vocals

Scott Gorham: Guitar & Vocals

Snowy White: Guitar & Vocals

Darren Wharton: Keyboards

Brian Downey: Drums


ACTUAL Set List/Order

(Thanks Rick)

Are You Ready?

Waiting for an Alibi

Jailbreak - 5.50

Got to Give It Up - 8.10

(eerie, when he sings at end,

"Got to give it up, it's killing me, it's killing me...")

Don't Believe a Word - 8.17

The Pressure Will Blow - 3.40

Killer on the Loose - 6.46



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