Nightlife - Deluxe Edition (2012) - THIN LIZZY

Thin Lizzy

NIGHTLIFE -- Deluxe Edition

Release date: March 2012 Phonogram

See also original release single LP / CD issued in 1974

All songs composed by Phil Lynott, except where stated.


"She Knows" (Scott Gorham, Lynott) – 5:13

"Night Life" – 3:57

"It's Only Money" – 2:47

"Still in Love with You" – 5:40

"Frankie Carroll" – 2:02

"Showdown" – 4:32

"Banshee" – 1:27

"Philomena" – 3:41

"Sha La La" (Brian Downey, Lynott) – 3:27

"Dear Heart" – 4:35


"She Knows" (BBC Session 3/10/1974)

"Sha-La-La" (BBC Session 3/10/1974)

"It's Only Money" (BBC Session 3/10/1974)

"Philomena" (BBC Session 3/10/1974)

"Dear Heart" (BBC Session 23/10/1974)

"Banshee" (BBC Session 23/10/1974)

"Showdown" (Demo with Gary Moore)

"Still in Love with You" (Demo with Gary Moore)

"It's Only Money" (Demo with Gary Moore)

"Showdown" (Unreleased alternate take)


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