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The Spirit of the Black Rose - Various Artists

TRIBUTE TO Phil Lynott

The Spirit of the Black Rose

two CD set with extensive notes and photos in accompanying booklets.

Record Heaven Music -- RHCD40



Philomena Lynott (IRE) -- Dublin / spoken

Celtic Legacy -- Glen Corr (The Spirit of the Vagabond)

Lotus (SWE) -- Gonna Creep Up On You

Loaded Dice (FIN) -- It's Only Money

Randy Bachman (CAN) from BTO -- The Boys Are Back In Town

Locomotive Breath (SWE) -- Warriors

Carl Dixon (CAN) -- Romeo and the Lonely Girl


Yellow Pearl (NOR) -- Rocky

Motherlode (SWE) -- Killer Without A Cause

Ten Jinn (USA) -- Angel of Death

Dogface (SWE) -- Suicide

Ian Osbourne and the VOODOO HOUNDS (USA) -- Fighting My Way Back

Robin George (UK) -- King's Call

Damon Johnson (USA) -- Borderline

Tribe Of Gypsies (USA) -- Parisienne Walkways

Primal Fear (GER) -- Out In The Fields (bonus track)

Thin Az Lizzy (IRE) -- Little Darling




Roddy Cleere (IRE) -- A Song For While I'm Away / spoken

Robin George (UK) -- Crying Diamonds

Nitzinger (USA) -- Cowboy Song

Demon (UK) -- Emerald

The Boys Are Back (SWE) -- Johnny

Kurgan’s Bane (USA) -- Opium Trail

Ken Hensley (USA) -- Dear Lord

Fatt Elizabeth (USA) -- Freedom Song

Doc Holliday (USA) -- Jailbreak

Bigelf (USA) -- Bad Reputation

Hobbit (USA) -- Fool's Gold

Thin Lipztick (SWE) -- Do Anything You Want To

Celtic Legacy -- Vagabonds of the Western World

Vick LeCar’s Blue Moon (USA) -- Thunder & Lightning

Parris (HOLL) -- Baby Please Don't Go

Sinner (GER) -- The Sun Goes Down

Thin Az Lizzy (IRE) -- Ode To A Black Man





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