London Electric Ballroom (7/29/78 and 12/16/78)



Live: London, Camden, The Electric Ballroom


DISK ONE: July 29th, 1978


Jesus Children of America

The Cowboy Song

The Boys Are Back In Town

Stop Messin' Around

Don't Believe A Word

Spanish Stroll

Are You Ready?

Black Leather


Get Outta Here

No-One Is Innocent


Pretty Greedy

No-One Is Innocent


The disk 1 band is:

Philip Lynott - vocals, bass

Brian Downey - drums

Gary Moore - guitar, vocals

Scott (GrowHair) Gorham - guitar

Jimmy Bain - bass

Chris Spedding - guitar, vocals

Steve Jones - guitar, vocals

Paul Cook - drums


DISK TWO: December 16th, 1978


Waitin' For An Alibi


Back On The Streets

Black Rose

Don't Believe A Word

Are You Ready?

No-One Is Innocent

Black Leather

Route 66

Looking After #1

Pretty Vacant

A Merry Jingle

Hard Drivin' Man


The disk 2 band is:

Philip Lynott - vocals, bass

Brian Downey - drums

Gary Moore - guitar, vocals

Scott Gorham - guitar

Bob Geldoff - vocals

Steve Jones - guitar, vocals

Paul Cook - drums

and possibly Johnny Fingers (Boomtown Rats)


Special Notes:

Recorded live in London, July and December 1978.

See also The Greedies, The Greedies and The Greedies

Some Background:

The Greedies started as a joke after some difficulties Lynott had with the IRS 'cause he hadn't paid his taxes in time. The idea was just playing small clubs and getting paid directly afterwards in cash.

The original idea was calling the band the Greedie Bastards, but later it was re-named the Greedies.

The first show was on the 29th July and was also a test for Gary Moore who just came in after the departure of Brian Robertson in early July. Then next day the band headed for America, leaving Brian Downey at home, but that's another story.

The first night features Lynott, Gorham, Moore and Downey, along with Paul Cook and Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols, as well as Jimmy Bain and Chris Spedding.

In the eve of Christmas 1978 the Greedies played again a couple of Gigs in the UK but also in Ireland. This time featuring (besides the Lizzy gang) Bob Geldoff and Johnny Fingers from the Boomtown Rats and again Steve Jones and Paul Cook.

The first and only single release by the band was recorded late 1979, after Gary Moore had left. Only Lynott, Gorham, Downey, Jones and Cook survived from the original lineup.

Special thanks to the MadMan for this info.





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