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Angel of Death (Lorelei)

Angel of Death

(Lynott, Wharton)

Gorhausen, Germany
Lorelei Festival -- live version

I was hanging round in Frisco
In the year of one hundred and nineteen six

(actual date 5:12 AM - April 18, 1906 )
When I heard about the earthquake
The world trembled from within

I saw the fire ragin
Through all that time I heard people dying
They went down, down, deep underground
In the great disaster

I was hanging out in Berlin
In the year one hundred nineteen and thirty nine
I've seen Hitler's storm troopers
March right across the Maginot line

I've seen men run away crying "Gas"
Right in front of their throats
I wouldn't think that I was squeezing
They went down, down, deep underground a great disaster

I was standing at the bedside
That night my father died
I could see him crying for mercy
A disease had got his body

I was afraid then
As I am now
The Lord did not hear him
He went anyhow

He went down, down, deep underground
It was a disaster
I will go down, down, underground
To meet my master

Down, down


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