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Thunder N Lightning

(Downey, Lynott)

Locked up in the classroom waiting for a break
Down to the studio knocking the gate
Into the alley meet up with the boys
Waiting for the weekend to make a little noise

Thunder is strong, lightning is death
Kicking the girls and it's starting to blast
Sweeter than the heavens and the fate means stumble
But it's Saturday night and every night is small

Like thunder and lightning
god damn, it's so exciting
It hits you like a hammer
god damn

It was Saturday night I was ready for the dance
My girl walked in the door holding another guys hand
He look six foot six you know to my mind
I was taking baby little sugar and took her outside

I was madder than hell and fit to burn
This guy would break a leg before but now he's got to run
Standing in the corner giving him a bruise
You can keep your lover honey, but he's got to pay the bill

When I crazy started walking it was Saturday night
I was dressed to kill I was doing alright
Alright in the middle of the night
I wasn't ready for a rumble but the mood was right

You've got to believe absolutely this way
I said love that's the price you have to pay
Then the going gets tough up against the wall
When you bring your heavy racket then I'd rather have a ball

We started to rumble and stumble
It is we were rocking and rolling and rolling
I fumbled and started to win
When the greater than wicked then I hit him again

I hit him again and I couldn't hit him anymore
My head was all black and blue and my jaw was sore
Sweeter than the heavens and like a frightening stumble
It was Saturday night when every rock was stormed


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