Philo (tribute) - by Denver, Colorado's SLIM LIZZY

It was long ago in old Dublin town
A man called Philip lived
He was raised to love his old town
And make the music his.

He opened ears long taught closed
To songs he wrote with tears
To people near and far away
He rocked them trough the years.

His memory lingers in our souls
A legend never to grow old
He made it on his own
We won’t forget you


His band they crossed the water
To make his vision live
To break the world wide open
To Irelands most revered

To all his fans all over
To friends from everywhere
You know we won’t forget you
Your memory we hold dear

Taken from us way to soon
At 36 your life’s in bloom
You’ll always be around
We really miss you


The death of Philip lynott
In 1986
Hurt us all so deeply
And made his fans all sick

Taken from the living
His time it came to quick
So long my friend from Eire
Happy may you sleep

His songs and words they mean so much
To people all around the world
His vision rocks us all
We’ll keep on fighting




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