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Black Rose

Black Rose / A Rock Legend 180 gram vinyl re-issue (2011) - THIN LIZZY



(A Rock Legend)

Back On Black Records

See also ORIGINAL 1979 release



Black Rose: A Rock Legend is the ninth studio album by Irish band

Thin Lizzy, released in 1979. The album debuted at its #2 peak in the

UK album charts and is the band's most successful studio album to date.

It was the first time that blues rock guitarist Gary Moore remained in the

band long enough to record an album after previous stints in 1974 and 1977

with Thin Lizzy.

He appeared with frontman Phil Lynott in the rock band Skid Row

in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Around this time Moore recorded the album

Back on the Streets with Lynott, spawning the UK top 10 single "Parisienne

Walkways" (with Lynott on vocals). He left Thin Lizzy that year following a

dispute but worked with Lynott again on his tours in 1984 and 1985 and on the

top 5 single "Out in the Fields" and accompanying album Run for Cover, on

what were to be Lynott's final performances before his death in January 1986.

Axl Rose has the cover of "Black Rose: A Rock Legend" tattooed on his right

upper arm, and once said that he "wanted to show it to Phil Lynott, but then

he died on me". The album included the second song Lynott wrote about a

member of his family entitled "Sarah", the first song by this name having

appeared on 1972's Shades of a Blue Orphanage, written about his grandmother,

also named Sarah. The song on this album is about his then newly born daughter.

The last track "Roisinn Dubh" is comprised of traditional songs, all arranged by

Lynott and Moore, as well of original parts. The song "Will You Go Lassie,

Go" (Wild Mountain Thyme) is sometimes mistakenly credited as a traditional song,

but was written by William McPeake, and first recorded by Francis McPeake

(and is on this album credited to F. McPeak).

Side A

1. Do Anything You Want To (3:53) 

2. Toughest Street In Town (4:00) 

3. S & M (4:05) 

4. Waiting For An Alibi (3:29) 

5. Sarah (3:32)

Side B

6. Got To Give Up (4:23) 

7. Get Out Of Here (3:37) 

8. With Love (4:41) 

9. Roisin Dubh (Black Rose) A Rock Legend (7:08)


BLACK ROSE is one of three albums produced by Tony Visconti. Visit Tony's website for his comments about his experiences.

Although the details are not readily available, it is reported that the Black Rose

album as we know it today is not the original release. Apparently at some point after being released, it was withdrawn and some tracks were removed and others added before it was reissued. Just The Two Of Us, released on a single, was apparently one of the cuts from the original release of the album.

In 1995 Metal Blade Records in conjunction with Warner Bros. issued a remastered version of this album in the USA only. Slight packaging variations from the original release.

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