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Swedish Collection

The Boys Are Back In Town (Special Swedish release: 12/00) - THIN LIZZY



Thin Lizzy & Phil Lynott

The Boys Are Back In Town - Swedish Collection

Thin Lizzy & Phil Lynott

The Boys Are Back In Town - Swedish Collection

released December 6th, 2000 with bonus disk in Sweden only.

1. Jailbreak

2. Dancing In The Moonlight

3. The Boys Are Back In Town

4. Sarah

5. Don't Believe a Word

6. Solo In Soho

7. Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed

8. Cowboy Song

9. Bad Reputation

10. Rosalie

11. Waiting For An Alibi

12. King's Call

13. Emerald

14. Old Town

15. Whisky In The Jar (single version)

16. The Sun Goes Down

17. Roisin Dubh/Black Rose a Rock Legend

18. Still In Love With You (BBC version)

BONUS 2nd CD (First 20.000 copies, Sweden only):


Notes on Disk 2 tracks

Tranlated from Swedish (thanks Sandy)

1. Beat On The Drum (B-side off "Old Town")

2. Somebody Else's Dream (B-side off "Together")

3. A Night In The Life Of a Blues Singer (B-side off "Nineteen")

4. Don't Play Around (B-side off "Killer On The Loose")

5. Trouble Boys

6. Memory Pain (B-side off "Trouble Boys")

7. Just The Two Of Us (B-side of "Do Anything You Wanna Do")

8. A Merry Jingle (The Greedies - Thin Lizzy & Sex Pistol)

Notes on Disk 2 tracks

Tranlated from Swedish (thanks Sandy)


The CD-cover is a original drawing made by Jim Fitzpatrick 1980, a cover that never was used... Inside the booklet there are lots of glossy promotional photos of the band (you've seen them all before apart from 2 photos of Phil taken by Jörgen Holmstedt). Just the way we remember them. The photos are put cronologically so that one easily can figure out who played with who and when. Every song has it's history and Jörgen Holmstedt gives a short background on every tune - very interesting. Both for a newbie on Thin Lizzy and a diehard fan. For example, "The Boys Are back In Town" almost didn't make it to the album ("Jailbreak") and the original title was "GI Joe's Back In Town"...

The back of the CD-booklet has a message from Phil, a message written for the Swedish Supporters Club. It's a dedication to Sweden and for the first time in a very very long time I'm proud to be Swedish :-)

Now, apart from the message from Phil, everything's in Swedish. The collection may be released in other parts of Europe, but then without the bonus-CD and most likely not with the drawing made by Jim Fitzpatrick.

Thanks for the info, Ozzie.


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