Swedish Collection

The Boys Are Back In Town (Special Swedish release: 12/00 disc two) - THIN LIZZY


1.Beat Of The Drum
The B-side of Philip Lynott single "Old Town". Co-written with the Lizzy drummer Brian Downey, Jack Daly and Johnny "Ringo" McDonagh, two of the members in the Irish band De Dannann,known for doing inovative versions of the countrys folk music.

2.Somebody Else's Dream
The leftover synthballad from "The Philip Lynott Album" and only released as b-side of the "Together" single. Philip sings about growing identity crisis: Can he be a rock star and a family man at the same time?

3.A Night In The Life.....
Phil, Brian and Gary recorded this beautiful string arranged blues balled in 1978,but it was first released in 1985 as a b-side on the 12" version of Phil's final solo single "Nineteen" Swedes remember this song from Philip's summertour in the Folkparks in 1983.

4.Don't Play Around
B-Side of Lizzy's "Killer on the lose" single and a very good one Probably recorded at a soundcheck at Hammersmith Odeon in London May 29 1980 and polished up afterwards.

5.Trouble Boys
A Lizzy single recorded the summer of 1981 and was supposed to end up on the next album. After serious consideration no one thought this rockabilly cover written by Rockpils' B. Bremner was suitable for the album

6.Memory Pain
In 1980 Lizzy recruited the blues guitarist Snowy (Terrence real first name) White, and he wanted to make a cover of this nice old blues ballad by Percey Mayfield. Snowy White by the way already played this song in an early line up of the Swedish band November, The Train in which White was a member when living in Vällingby in 68-69

7.Just The Two Of Us
A leftover from the Black Rose album and released the summer of 79 as the b side of Do Anything You Want To. No one is certain anymore but it sounds like Scott Gorham is the sole guitar player on this track. Lizzy known "guitarvoices" in many cases only had one guitarist on certain tracks

8 A merry Jingle
The old Christmas tunes "Jingle Bells" and "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" n punk rock, performed by the Greedies, a noisy hobby band Phil and a couple of mates played in 78/79. Here its Phil, Scott, Brian and the duo from Sex Pistols Paul Cook (drums) and Steve Jones (guitar). Became a small hit for Christmas 79

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