Philip - The Man And His Music - Volume IV

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The Man and his Music, Vol. IV

Don't Let Him Slip Away

Nightlife N-004

also released as: N-008 CDR

and Looking Ahead 026

1. Don't Let It Slip Away (1982, unreleased version 1) -- 7:42

cover says "Don't Let Him Slip Away"

2. Look What the Wind Blew In

3. Return of the Farmer's Son

(2 & 3 from 1971 BBC session)

4. Going Down (live, unreleased)

5. Dublin (live)

6. Things Ain't Working Out Down on the Farm

(4-6 from June 1973 RTE session)

7. It's Only Money (alternate version)

8. Little Darling (alternate version)

9. Still in Love with You (different lyrics)

10. Jailbreak

11. Thunder and Lightning

12. Rosalie

(10-12 from 1983 Nuremburg, the last gig)

13. Hate (1982 unreleased)

14. Don't Let Him Slip Away (1982, unreleased ) -- 8:17


For some background on the song "Don't Let Him (It) Slip Away" check out Don't Let It Slip Away

It's Only Money, Little Darling and Still In Love With You are from the The Peel Sessions. This version of Still In Love With You has completely different lyrics from the version on Night Life.

This CD has also been released as a CD-R with the same front cover art (but without the inside liner notes), and

in Japan on the Lookin' Ahead label, catalogue number 026.



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