Philip - The Man And His Music - Volume VI

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The Man and his Music, Vol. VI


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Ghetto Woman (recorded for RTE Ireland: Ken's Club Jan 8th, 1974)

--message (Thin Lizzy's first session: Ken's Club, Jan 6th, 1973 w/Eric Bell)


With Love** (demo version/different lyrics!!)

Parisienne Walkways** (demo w/Huey Lewis: harmonica)

Black Rose** (demo w/Huey Lewis: harmonica)

Got To Give It Up** (different lyrics!!)

Toughest Street In Town** (different lyrics)

Don't Believe A Word** (demo version)

Bad Habits*** (different guitar solo)

Baby Please Don't Go*** (different lyrics)

Mama Don't Like It*** (Someday She Is Gonna Hit Back ... instrumental)

Chosen One*** (Holy War/different lyrics)


CD is taken from a re-broadcast of different Irish Thin Lizzy radio sessions in a tribute show for Philip Lynott.

* Ghetto Woman was the first show ever recorded with Gary Moore in the band.

** Jan 22nd, 1978 Ramport Studios

*** Thunder And Lightning demos

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