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Philip - The Man And His Music - Volume V

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The Man and his Music, Vol. V


Nightlife N-051

Rock Your Love (1/28/78 Ramport Studios) ... cover says Rocklila

A Night in the Life of an Old Blues Singer (1/21/78 Ramport Studios -- Long Version)

Ode to a Black Man (2/1/78 Goodearth Studios)

Spanish Guitar (DEMO /1/78 Goodearth Studios)

Cold Black Night (1/22/78 Ramport Studios)

Parisienne Walkways (Demo /1/78 Goodearth Studios)

Are You Ready (Studio /1/78 Goodearth Studios)

Black Mail (2/1/78 Goodearth Studios)

Waiting for an Alibi (2/1/78 Goodearth Studios)

Fanatical Fascists (2/1/78 Goodearth Studios)

Leaving Town (date unknown)

[The following tracks appear but are UNLISTED]

Mama & Papa


It's Really Worthwhile


The Friendly Ranger


CD lists 11 tracks....but actually has 16 tracks

The final five (unlisted) tracks are the same recordings as found on Trend Studios Demos '67-69

Track one is listed as "Rocklila" (should be Rock Your Love), in error.



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